A high pillow or low pillow?

The pillow is not a simple element of cloth for our relaxation, but a fundamental part of the quality of sleep that supports the head for about a third of our life. There are those who prefer it taller and more compact and those who seek it soft and subtle but which is the right measure to adopt?

The pillow determines the quality of sleep:

Some disorders related to the cervical and back can be the consequence of incorrect use of the pillow to sleep. This should never be too high because it tilts the neck unnaturally, but it must not be too low either, because if supine it forces and bends the neck too far backward putting tension in the neck and vertebrae.

On the market, there are really many types of pillows, hard, soft, thin, in memory, with different shapes, and with various materials. But how can the pillow best suited to personal characteristics be chosen to rest better?

Does the solution lie in understanding what is the position that is most frequently assumed during sleep?

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A pillow for everyone:

For optimal rest, it is essential to perfectly align the head, neck, and spine. A good pillow is the only solution that can come to our aid. In fact, the pillow must support the head and neck, it must keep the spine in the correct position to offer maximum muscle relaxation and proper breathing.

To choose the right pillow for us it is useful to observe our habits, physical characteristics and the position in which we sleep.

The thickness of the pillow must be chosen based on the position that is assumed most frequently.

For those sleeping on their stomachs and for children a pillow with a relatively low height, around 10 cm and soft, is recommended, thus reducing the pressure on the neck.

For those who sleep supine instead, it is better a pillow slightly higher, from 12 to 15 cm, but it must still be lower than the shoulders and medium hard a pillow that is too low risks causing an increase in the curvature of the neck with consequent waking pains.

What is the right time to replace your old mattress?

When you’re going to invest in a new mattress model, it is the right time that you need to know whether you need a new mattress or not. In case, you’re suffering from the lower back pain problem, then you can start finding for a new mattress. Moreover, the time to replace a mattress should not be elongated for a longer duration of time. If you’re not getting any warning signals at the right time, then your back pain may turn into a chronic painful condition. This may even cause harm to your spine. It is a risky situation if you’re having any medical problem which is a result of the bad quality sleep. In order to keep avoiding such things, it is a good thing to learn about the right time when you should replace your old mattress:

When the mattress has turned out to be old

It is the foremost reason that people start searching for a new mattress. If the mattress age has extended more than 8-9 years, then the perfect time has come to change it. A mattress gets ended after a certain time period, irrespective of its durability. You can put such a mattress in your guest room for replacing it. Though, a regular user should be completely avoided. For more sleep news, visit SleepJunkie.org.

When your old is getting older

Once people have crossed 40 years of age, then the body becomes more sensitive. The pressure points are a major problem which is faced by people over this age. It is the main reason behind replacing the mattress. After this age, people tend to find every surface uncomfortable. So, in about 5-6 years, keep changing your mattress.

When the mattress gets torn-out

If the mattress springs have come out and are easily noticeable, then the mattress needs to get replaced with a new model. If the mattress has got damaged which is easily visible with naked eyes, then don’t rest on such a surface as it is a welcoming invitation to the health problems.

When you have a feeling of the stiffness of the mattress surface

In case, the mattress is giving you discomfort, then it is the time for you to find another mattress. When feeling pain during the middle of the night, then you need to replace your mattress. Don’t let your spine get broken with the hard mattress surface.

How does a good mattress help to fight headache?

In this article, we will talk about how to avoid headache through a good mattress starting from the direct relationship between the two.

Headache is a symptom that refers to a headache. There are many types according to the causes that produce it. These can be due to inheritance, stress, age, diet, alcohol, hormonal changes, and tension in the cervical muscles.

Tension headaches occur when the back and neck muscles are fundamentally contracted by the excessive tension they have suffered.

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Therefore, when the nerve is compressed by the muscles, it produces a nerve pain towards the forehead. Any work or activity that requires to keep the head in a maintained and fixed position, such as working with the computer, sewing, driving for many hours, studying can cause this type of ailment, but it can also cause it, not sleeping in a good Mattress or do it in a bad position. And this is where we are going to stop because the solution is easy too.

To start, from here we always insist on the importance of resting on a good quality mattress and mattress, appropriate to the needs and anatomy of the user.

Sleeping on a good mattress avoids that significant osteo-muscular alterations are generated and between 3 and 6 months the tension headache appears, even with vertigo and associated nausea.

When the diagnosis is established by a professional, and in addition, these symptoms are noticed as soon as they get up, the first step is to eliminate the cause that causes them, since any type of treatment focused on alleviating the symptoms will fall on deaf ears. And the cause must be sought in the night’s rest.

And here we have to value two things. One, the position in which he falls asleep. It is totally contraindicated in any case, sleeping prone or face down. In the supine position or face up, it is only indicated, if there are no lumbar problems and still, you have to use a pillow that fits perfectly to the neck without the head is neither high nor low.

Improve your sleep hygiene with the best mattress!

Are you willing to bring home a mattress which matches to your sleeping habits? Have you ever invested in a mattress which is not comfortable for you? Are you willing to have a good experience while shopping a new mattress? In such a situation, it is important for you to keep a bunch of mattress knowledge. It could be a great way to prevent any bad choice. The most important thing within a mattress is the comfort level. If the comfort of the mattress doesn’t match to your sleeping habits, then it is not the right one. Don’t end up making any wrong decision. With a proper mattress, it is easy to score well-maintained sleeping hygiene.

The mattress manufacturer introduces different types of mattress models. It is important for you to make a selection from all those alternatives. It is an important thing that you should check the mattress quality. If the quality standards are not maintained, then it could be a bad choice. With the right mattress, it is possible for you to enjoy a good sleeping time. When your sleep quality gets disturbed, then your health can get in trouble. You can choose some mattress models on the basis of certain considerations which are:

Make sure about the height of the mattress

With distinct varieties, there come different mattress sizes also. It is an important thing to consider about the size which is perfect for your bed. If you’re not able to bring a mattress which is suitable for your bed size, then it would result in a bad shopping experience. A person who is sleeping alone would demand a single sized mattress. On the other hand, couples want different mattress size. If a single person chooses a long-sized mattress, then this could be trouble. The tall mattress would invite discomfort for a single person to sleep. It depends upon the need of the individual as to what mattress size suits their requirement.

Mattress thickness level for best comfort 

The foam density present in a mattress determines the thickness level. With a high density of the foam, there would be an amazing comfort. When the foam density lowers down, then the comfort would also get staggered. When having back pain problems, then choose a mattress with the right comfort level. Go and read Sleep Junkie for tips on improving sleep.

Now you can purchase best mattress under your budget

It has been observed that people are having lot of problem in getting the mattress of their need. The choice matters a lot because it is the choice that can bring out the feeling that you have to have the mattress. There are different types of mattresses that are available in the market. There are spring mattresses, double spring mattresses, and memory foam mattresses, king coil, spring air and many more in the market. It will be very hard to select the proper mattress. Every mattress has its own quality. There are mattresses that are providing the protection from the cold; you have mattresses that are helping you to have the sweat free sleep in the very hot season, or the mattresses that can handle many good seasons. If you lie to have the mattress that can have the value of money then you must go for the memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattress is the quality mattress that can help you in many different ways. It can easily help you the protection from the health issues like diabetes, insomnia, neck pain, back pain or that are suffering from sleep deprivation. The body gets best level sleeping style. If you are having the problem of spine pain then this mattress is capable of relaxing the spine with all the ease. The mattress takes all the body weight and let the person feel very light that makes the person to sleep comfortable for long time. You will have better life experience if you will use this memory foam mattress every day.

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