What is the right time to replace your old mattress?

When you’re going to invest in a new mattress model, it is the right time that you need to know whether you need a new mattress or not. In case, you’re suffering from the lower back pain problem, then you can start finding for a new mattress. Moreover, the time to replace a mattress should not be elongated for a longer duration of time. If you’re not getting any warning signals at the right time, then your back pain may turn into a chronic painful condition. This may even cause harm to your spine. It is a risky situation if you’re having any medical problem which is a result of the bad quality sleep. In order to keep avoiding such things, it is a good thing to learn about the right time when you should replace your old mattress:

When the mattress has turned out to be old

It is the foremost reason that people start searching for a new mattress. If the mattress age has extended more than 8-9 years, then the perfect time has come to change it. A mattress gets ended after a certain time period, irrespective of its durability. You can put such a mattress in your guest room for replacing it. Though, a regular user should be completely avoided. For more sleep news, visit SleepJunkie.org.

When your old is getting older

Once people have crossed 40 years of age, then the body becomes more sensitive. The pressure points are a major problem which is faced by people over this age. It is the main reason behind replacing the mattress. After this age, people tend to find every surface uncomfortable. So, in about 5-6 years, keep changing your mattress.

When the mattress gets torn-out

If the mattress springs have come out and are easily noticeable, then the mattress needs to get replaced with a new model. If the mattress has got damaged which is easily visible with naked eyes, then don’t rest on such a surface as it is a welcoming invitation to the health problems.

When you have a feeling of the stiffness of the mattress surface

In case, the mattress is giving you discomfort, then it is the time for you to find another mattress. When feeling pain during the middle of the night, then you need to replace your mattress. Don’t let your spine get broken with the hard mattress surface.